Honoring THE Hero

September 29, 2009

Uther Lightbringer

I’ve heard a lot about Harvest Festival, and very little of it has been in a positive light. To be fair, I’ve played WoW for about four years and this is the first I’ve even known of it existing, despite it being a week-long event. There aren’t any achievements or real physical rewards aside from some food and drinks if you just took a fall from the highest point in Ironforge or something, so in that sense there’s not much of an incentive to care about this little holiday. There’s some fireworks to buy which can always be entertaining, but that usually only lasts for a short moment. Just about everything I’ve heard about the festival has been underwhelming. I can’t help but feel very differently.

Perhaps the one single event in this little festival that has anyone doing…anything is a short little quest with, on first glance, absolutely nothing to gain. You’re to fly out to Western Plaguelands, one of the foulest zones in Azeroth, to take a look at some statue, kneel down, and fly back. I’m sure for most people the process is exactly like that; maybe kill a few hordies hangin’ around in the meantime, but there’s not much thought to it. Turns out there’s all that’s to the holiday; paying your respects to the most valued heroes of each faction. For me, I /kneeled down in front of Uther Lightbringer’s monument a good while after I’d placed my tribute, feeling really, really glad that this holiday existed. There didn’t need to be a bunch of different minigames and achievements revolved around this one; I actually think it’d cheapen the festival. It’s whole reason for existing was to remind everyone of the characters that risked everything to provide us with the Azeroth of today. I know it’s just a game, but to me, there’s something very special about this sort of thing. I noticed plenty of others running up to the statue and performing their tributes as well, and while they probably just wanted to complete the objective, it just felt kind of cool. This game has such a heart to it that’s usually taken for granted.

I have to say, kneeling there and looking up at the greatest paladin of all time brought back a lot of great memories. I’ve been playing this game for what seems like too long to remember and I have plenty of different characters with different experiences, but there’s nothing I hold more fondly than the adventures of my paladin. From marching through places like Shadowfang Keep and The Sunken Temple merely to forge light-blessed weapons to learning the offbeat judgement order against the army of ghoulds in Scholomance for my golden Charger, there was always so much about playing the class that made me happy. Regardless of their current state of unpopularity, it can’t be denied that they’re one of the culturally richest classes; from the style of gameplay to the massive lore behind us, there’s nothing like a member of the Order of the Silver Hand. This holiday essentially confirms that the greatest alliance hero was Uther Lightbringer, and he was the founder of that order. In a world where people constantly try to make me feel bad for playing an ‘loladin’, I was able to feel proud again today.

Oh, and a tip to Mr. Hammerstrike; I know you mean incredibly well, but try and find a better writer than Jennre Loresinger. While ‘For the Light!’ was amusing, it was also really, really bad.