I’m Charles; great to meet you!

Oh, details, details, details. As one can guess from the theme of Two Tents, WoW is definitely up there on my list of hobbies and I’d be lying to myself if I didn’t admit that it’s a huge part of my life. There’s so much that it does that other games ignore, and it’s most certainly the definitive MMORPG of this generation. It’s the first most play, and from my experience it’s not easily replaceable. I generally login once a day for at least three hours or more; it’s a time-consuming bitch of a game.

I try to experience every facet of the game as much as possible. I’ve done most of the raiding content offered in WOTLK, but I’m not hardcore enough for lots of hardmodes and achievements, nor do I care too much for them. I’m a fan of PvP as well, but in the same sense, I’m certainly not arena master. Despite this, I still like to think that with the amount of research and playing I do, I still know what I’m talking about. I won’t give any advice that I’m not absolutely sure of.

I have a level 80 paladin and shaman; both healers. My rogue’s creepin’ up at a solid 76, my druid’s sitting comfortably around 65, and I’ve got a mage and warrior hanging out at 40. Oh, and a Death Knight at 58 because that’s all I could freaking stand. I’d have more at 80 if I wasn’t decently focused in other areas of the game, but needless to say, I am fascinated with everything Blizzard has offered me. I know that’s me sounding like a complete fanboy, but I’m pretty sure that’s what I am. I recognize flaws in the game, but they just never outweigh the wonders.

As for real-life Charles, I’m in my early twenties, I’m unemployed, and I didn’t register for classes in time this semester, so I’m sort of incredibly bored which is part of the reason I started this little thing up. Don’t worry though; adoration for my potential readers might grow in the future and something more might wind up fueling my posts!

My fandoms keep me alive; I’m a huge television enthusiast. I’m entertained by the worst reality shows because I tend to love all things terrible, and I’m able to recognize the true gems that show what a wonderful artistic medium telivision can be. Joss Whedon and Bryan Fuller are who I wanna be when I grow up. Also a huge fan of movies to the point of being a snobby critic and people often hate me for that sort of thing; don’t talk movies with me unless you’re in the same boat. Writing is my number one passion which is a big reason why I made this blog; even though it’s not fictional, there will be stories to tell and I can practice in that sort of way. I like lots of music these days, ranging from the crying of Conor Oberst to the sexing of Lady Gaga; always willing to chat about that sort of thing. Huge fan of theatre; I’ve been told that I’m a fairly talented actor and I love that entire messed-up flamboyant world. Also I sing a lot. I dunno my voice is good or bad. I’ll probably mention these hobbies of mine here and there through the blog and people will probably wish I didn’t, but that’s okay. You can deal with it.

I try to always stay signed on in AIM; whether I’m actually at the computer or not can be iffy, but you can always try messaging Kirkhamburger and crossing your fingers. I also registered an email specifically for this blog and I might actually check it if I wind up committing to this thing as much as I’d like to, so send me a message, ask me a question, whatever you want. I might even do a sort of Q&A thing someday, so be careful, you might get openly mocked here if you send me something stupid. Anyway, that’s at twotentz@gmail.com.



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