My bad.

October 27, 2009

Okay, if any potential readers (there’s still, like, no evidence that anyone has even seen this blog) took my advice from last week’s entry, I’m sorry. Actually, I still don’t think that it was terrible advice, but there’s something you should know about this blogger; I’m incredibly fickle. My  opinions can drastically change from week to week and it brings me lots of trouble and puts me in situations like these where I have to apologize. Case in point: last week I ranted a bit about how making too many alts can sometimes be a bad idea. This week I made a priest.

And I haven’t really regretted it! Sure, it happens to be, so far, the most annoying class to solo with. Sure, I have plenty of characters that can pretty much do most of what a priest could do. Sure, there was very, very little reason for me to make the character, yet I’ve been spending practically all of my time on it. I think that even though there’s a lot of grief to go through, there’s still nothing like the learning experience for a character, and while I’ve tried making priests in the past, I’m nearly 20 on this Sparkovana (don’t ask), the farthest I’ve made it with the class, and I’m learning more and more about it, making it more and more tolerable. There’s also the fact that it is significantly harder, for me at least, to level a priest than any other class, and the challenge has always bothered me enough for me to want to beat it. I might actually take this character seriously.

It started out as research, though. As you might know from my previous entries, the various realms I play on have been dissatisfying. After searching and searching, there’s only a small fraction of people I’m able to get along with on these servers, and it’s not because I’m especially picky or really unapproachable or anything like that; it’s just really difficult to find intelligent, mature, funny people on pvp realms. I’ve always played on ’em for some reason. I hate pvp, so I don’t know. My sister and some friends played on one and I’ve just stuck with them since, despite the personality clash between me and all of the eleven-year-old griefers. So I wondered if there were places where I’d fit in more comfortably, did a little forum research, and made a few alts on some RP servers.

Now, I’m the sort of person that’s able to respect a roleplayer. As a writer, anyone that’s willing to jump into another character and tell their own stories is okay in my book. I’m a bit too timid to jump into that scene just yet, but I’ve always had the feeling that I’d be the type to get along with roleplayers more than the general WoW crowd. I mean, aside from the eRP or borderline eRP that exists in Goldshire on every RP server, a lot of roleplayers seem to type quite well. I’m a pretty big lore fanatic, and to properly roleplay a class one usually does their research. I mean, in general, it seemed like a good idea.

So I’ve had some fun, truly. I think Hallow’s End is one of the best times to create a character; especially a human. There’s that event in Goldshire that’s happening constantly so there’s lot of free candy, buffs, and you get to run around in disguises which makes the experience a little more memorable. There’s been a lot of very kind people, a lot of very creepy people, and everything inbetween; from what I can tell, these RP realms are slightly more colorful and cultured than the pvp sort. I mean, I walked into stormwind last night and rather than LFG spams, everyone was discussing the relationship between Malfurion and Tyrande, and this story-based conversation went on for at least an hour. You don’t see that elsewhere, and it was extremely refreshing.

And then I exited and leveled a bit longer, and general chat started to go crazy in a bad way. 4chan memes were abundant. Insults to every sort of WoW player were heard loud and clear, despite it being in a text format. Made-up words that the creators thought sounded funny were spammed with caps lock. In general, I felt a bit disheartened. Here was a realm that I’d been having the time of my life on; the sort where I could see my mains settling down on without worrying about transferring around ever again, and then these thoughts had to be interrupted by…more of the same of what I was unfortunately used to.

Yet I kept playing through the week, and so far, the great experience has outweighed tiny interruptions like that. The point I’m trying to make here is that every single realm is going to have a few bad apples and while I was looking for the perfect fit, for a while, I’d have to make some effort myself. I can’t just give up due to a couple annoying peers.

So here’s to alts, and here’s to you, Feathermoon-US. I’m not exactly raising a glass, but if I had one right here I would. You may very well be the place to house all of my characters in the future. Stay golden.

Oh, and here’s some music that I’ve been listening to and liking.



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