October 12, 2009

Whoo, lots to go over this week! I guess I’ll start by saying the little fellow above is named Sparkel, after my paladin that was forced to undergo a namechange because someone else had the name on the server he transferred to and now has a dumb name that I’d rather not repeat. I missed the name. He’s a level 80 protection warrior that had all of his top-of-the-line gear handed to him because he exists only on the public test realm where I’ve been spending an obscene amount of time. And that’s the major theme of this entry.

I know in a previous entry I described how frightening patches could be, but 3.3, from the looks of it, is pure excitement and, aside from the horrific gothic designs of Icecrown Citadel, there’s little to be afraid of. Class changes are minor; it’s pretty evident Blizzard has people where they want them for the remainder of the expansion. There’s not too many nerfs or buffs to anything. I mean, people will find a way to complain, but they have their work cut out for them. Honestly, from what I can tell, there’s a LOT to look forward to.

T10 info’s been released. Even some of the armor sets have been shown, and while there are arguments on to how they look, I maintain the opinion that, so far, the sets blow t7, t8, and (especially) t9 out of the water. In a similar theme, the set bonuses that have been released are by far the most powerful yet. I highly doubt people will be mixing sets anymore for bonuses and the like; it’s all very awesome from what I can tell. Based on what I know from the classes I actively play, anyway, and the others that I’ve discussed this with seem quite pleased as well.

And the new five-man’s (well, some of ’em), have been playable and they’re amazing. Gear-wise there’s not a lot of incentive to run them since no gear drops at all in the PTR, but people are FRANTICALLY running these instances repeatedly, and for good reason. They’re the best-looking five-mans in the game. They’re the most challenging. They’re the most story-driven. You’re literally fighting beside Jaina (Arthas’ ex-sweetie who’s ready for some goddamn closure already) and Sylvanas (she just really, really wants to kill him), charging through various outskirts of the Citadel trying to find your way in. The encounters themselves are well thought-out, from the different ways to survive to pull to the quirky character designs. I mean, unless you just like to complain, there’s nothing bad about these places, from what I can tell. 3.3 won’t be out for quite some time, so I urge anyone to make their way onto the test realms and get a sneak preview if you’re into that sorta thing.

Anyway, I logged on after a really terrible download that took basically all day long and spent hours just sitting there messing with talents, gems, the whole thing, ’cause I copied about five characters; classes that I’d never played at 80 before, and for me that was pretty fun. Testing out the different rotations, healing in different styles than what I was used to (paladins and shamans are still the most fun), and tanking for the first time ever, and in the end, the little warrior won my heart and the decision that my future Worgen would be a warrior wasn’t changed. I tried Fury out and didn’t LOVE it, but I’m pretty sure it was because I was doing it wrong. Tanking was loads of fun though.

On the regular realms, I’ve been very slowly getting used to horde life. There’s been tension here and there; a lot of people we transferred with felt very out of the loop and not as included as they used to be, but that was to be expected. It was a completely new environment and people freak out with change. We went from a small, casual tight-knit group to betraying the faction we’ve allied ourselves with for years, joining one of the most PvE-progressed guilds on the server, and it’s all been a little hardcore. They expect a lot out of me and I don’t always deliver; probably because I’m off messing around on the PTR rather than trying to better my one character every single day like they all do. Still, it’s only been a week and I’ve seen more content than I ever had before, so that’s kind of fun. And it’s a lot more entertaining to heal this harder stuff; I get kinda bored with regular modes and what-not. So there’s two sides of the whole situation and I’m still adjusting. Also, everyone makes fun of me ’cause I’m a female tauren and I don’t appreciate it. Evidently it’s the lest popular race-gender combination around.

I’m a little bitter that I don’t get new totems next patch and everyone else does. Maybe tauren was a mistake. But it’s still the only horde race I can actually tolerate.

I’ll wrap things up here by saying there’s a lot to look forward to, folks. Whether you’re a big fan of the game’s story or you miss the depth raids used to have, 3.3 seems pretty sure to have something for everyone. Except those that really love pvp. Too bad. (lol)



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