October 6, 2009

Moo moo moo! I am a cow! Moo moo moo! I am a cow! Moo moo moo! I am a cow! I.! Am! A cow!

The picture above illustrates the plain confusion of a young Tauren as she stands around in the Sunreaver’s Sanctuary, the one section of Dalaran she’d never been able to see before. She’d lived the life of a proud draenei, but seemingly, it wasn’t proud enough. Yes, I’ve betrayed the alliance for this shaman and I must say, I feel the way miss Hothooves(that’s her name.) looks. Very confused. This is probably one of the most surreal experiences I’ve been involved in regarding WoW, and I must say, much of it is exciting.

I constantly catch myself trying to do alliance things. When people ask advice, I’ll catch myself starting to tell them to go to cities they can’t even access. I keep running into areas that instantly teleport me out of. I don’t know my way around any of the cities and most of my flight paths have changed; I’m pretty much a newb again. Which is a little scary, and a little charming at the same time. Probably my fondest memories were when I was just starting this game and there was so much to learn, and there’s always the possibility of such a feeling returning. For now, though, it’s still very weird.

Taurens are probably the only horde race I could ever see myself playing, and it comes down to one major reason; it’s the most villain-free race I can think of in the game, regardless of faction. I can recall a few hostile Tauren encampments in various low-level zones, but that’s as far as it ever got. The forsaken have folks like Putress that ruin the entire race; the majority of trolls in the game are pretty much baaaaad, and Garrosh is just kind of a jerk. I like to be blissfully naive and play a race where the major characters are, for the most part, very pure. Despite their brutish stature, these cow-men are so wonderfully peaceful. I don’t think there’s a city in-game that’s more serene than Thunder Bluff. There’s just a lot to like about this race unless you’re the type of person that thrives within conflict. I’m certainly not.

For now, I’ve spent most of my time doing some raids with a bunch of people I don’t know (though there is a sense of maturity within this faction; people don’t bail after two or three wipes like most alliance do, there’s a lot of patience), doing many northrend quests all over again since some reputations reset and many phased areas changed on me, and flying around all of the continents, trying to become accustomed to all the new, different towns. I haven’t quite had time to settle in and I’m not comfortable enough to reeeeally consider myself Horde; rather an Alliance sympathizer that plays Horde from time to time because mostly everyone I knew faction transferred and I didn’t want to be completely alone. But we’ll see how my different experiences manipulate me.

For now, I’ll just stare at my pretty cow’s back and sing Melissa’s small segment from The Wizard’s Baker over and over. Click on the video below to understand the reference. Also a shameless plug at my favorite canceled cartoon show ever.



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